There’s a Peanuts comic strip that showed Charlie Brown’s baseball coach addressing his rag-tag team. He said, “I have our statistics for the year. In each of our twelve games we almost scored a run. In nine of the games our opponents almost didn’t score a run before the first out. Lucy almost caught three fly balls in right field, and one time we almost made the right play.” The last frame of the comic strip has Charlie Brown turning his face to the comic reader and saying, “We led the league in almosts.”

That’s what it means to have your hopes deferred. Things almost came together for you, but not really. And it can make the heart really sick.

But what is hope? 

Hope is the vision that things will change for the better.

Many people today are asking the question, “Is there hope? And if there is, please hurry.” Genuine hope is in short supply for most people. Well the message of Easter, the message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is filled with hope.

This Easter Sunday at Grace International Church, we are celebrating a living hope amidst a world in chaos. Learning together how living in this hope gives us strength. 

We "hope" to see you this Easter Sunday. Bring your family & friends and celebrate with one incredible church family!