Considering a Visit?

Visiting a church for the first time can be a pretty spooked-out experience. We understand, trust us. Our church has lots of people who either googled us, or found us some other way than through a personal friend. The good news is that every one of them attributed their return to the 'outrageous and genuine love' you feel when you enter.

Look, we can't eliminate all of the nervousness, but we're committed to trying. We look forward to you as our guest. We don't call you a 'visitor' because that would connotate surprise. As a guest, we've prepared for your arrival. So, be our 'guest'. 

How Do People Dress at Grace? 

In a very diverse congregation, you'll observe some Easter suits, some jeans, some sandals, etc. We believe that you don't have to wear your "Sunday's Best" to come to church. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. You also won't have to worry about dressing to impress others. The good thing is that Grace is not a fashion show! We believe that worship does not have to include keeping up with the latest fashion cues. If you need guidance, then follow this: a shirt, some pants, and some shoes!!

What Should I Expect?

You will receive a warm reception, greeted by one of our awesome members, and be led into the church to enjoy the experience.

We won't ask you to stand up and give your name.

We won't ask you to wear a sticker (unless you have a kid(s) in children's church...).

We promise not to hug you too much, or to ask your life story. 

We'll just love you and pray you've enjoyed the experience.

If you have children, then Grace is the place for you and your family. Many of our members are young families! For more information, click here to visit our children's ministry page.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Feel free to send us any type of questions you have and we will try and respond in a timely matter!