Have you ever listened to a sermon at Grace International Church in person, via the website, or via livestream and wanted to say either how awesome, how challenging, or how terrible a sermon was? Well now you can. 

We continue to seek to grow in the faithfulness and presentation of God's word and we need you, the hearer, to help. Please complete this feedback form for any message you desire to provide feedback on (past or present). It can be anonymous.  Thanks in advance and we look forward to continuing to grow in faithfulness to God's word as you grow closer to God through hearing God's word.

Date You Heard the Sermon *
Date You Heard the Sermon
Summarize the content of the sermon as you heard it. (If the content was unclear, say so.)
What part of the sermon related to your experience in life? (If none, please say so.)
What good news did you hear from the sermon? (Please make it clear why this is good news to you -- what may be the result in your life based on the sermon in your feeling/action?)
In what ways did the preacher's delivery (demeanor, style, landguage, illustrations, etc...) help or hinder the message?
What would you like to tell the preacher about his/her communication of the message?