11:00am - 12:30pm

Sunday mornings

Navigating the church search process can be daunting. We understand. You'll notice we're straightforward and simple because we try to focus on:

  • the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
  • fellowship with others along this journey,
  • finding tools to carry us throughout the week as we grow closer to God.

To make that easier, we clear much of the clutter in our worship service. We come in, we worship, we fellowship, we hear the word, and we prayerfully leave better than we came. 

That simple. 


3920 Vero Rd Suite B, Arbutus, MD, 21227


When you come to Grace, we are ready to serve you and your family. We have a wonderful children's church that are broken down into 3 categories. We have a nursery, a little kid's room, and a big kid's room. Immediately following worship, our children are checked in and assigned a number that will be paired with the adult that sign in the child. This same number and adult will be required to sign out the child at the end of service. 

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Want to know more about what to expect?

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